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To address: Address: C3, No.22 Building, New Impetus Pioneering Center, No.1, North Qingyang Road, Tianning District, Changzhou City
Contact : Mr.WU
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Submit orders
   Confirmation page all information check without by accident, please click" submit" at the bottom of the page, if enter the settlement completion page then your settlement process has ended, the order has been generated, completed in the settlement the page you can also learn the order of arthritis and order number ( we recommend arthritis and order number and order number record, to facilitate the "order" ). Instrument shop management system will be on your order Email and confirm your order information.By replying to order the payment authorization, JK17 instrument net will complete the delivery and account processing.If you want to keep abreast of the order implementation, you can in the "order" function in your order inquiry.JK17 network equipment also prepared a fax orders for you to print. You can order print and through responsible person / approval signature, direct to us by fax. JK17 network equipment will be in accordance with the terms of service provision for your delivery. 
Commodity money
Shanghai region in order to verify the customer please wait for our door-to-door。Shanghai, Changzhou outside customers please orders after verifying the payment ( or deposit) remitted to us, see remittance remittance method
For goods
    According to our distribution by time and place, enjoy our fast service.
    According to different regions and customer requirements with different delivery modes: 
    1 door-to-door
    2。Signing of door-to-door express delivery company
    3.China Railway Express
    4。Highway freight
    5Air transport
    6.EMS express mail
    7。Ordinary mail
    8.Customers door-to-door delivery    
Tel :(+86)4001128155 0519-8556347,89187775
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