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    To address: Address: C3, No.22 Building, New Impetus Pioneering Center, No.1, North Qingyang Road, Tianning District, Changzhou City
    Contact : Mr.WU
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        1. 公司新闻
          New product research and development listing
          发布者:admin 发布时间:2017-7-25  阅读:497【字体:

          In 2017, our company developed a new product, JK7000 multi-channel temperature tester. Uses 32, RAM, high, speed, processor, sampling, speed
          *Supports, multiple, sensor, inputs, such, as, DC, current:, 4-20mA., voltage:, 0-5V., DC, J, K, thermocouple:, T, S, N,, R, thermal, resistance

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          Su ICP preparation 06033252
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