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To address: Address: C3, No.22 Building, New Impetus Pioneering Center, No.1, North Qingyang Road, Tianning District, Changzhou City
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JK17 network equipmentn order to well-known brands of equipment and self-marketing as the basis, all equipment store network products have been professional personnel probation and recommendation, to ensure our product quality。
   Instrument shop pre-sale technical service and perfect after sale tracking service, ensure that you can buy the rest assured, rest assured that the use of. All through the instrument network sold the products, enjoy the most at the end of a year free warranty, all products to enjoy a lifetime technical support and repair services, long-term provision of spare parts support.Where the instrument shop order stock products, small product morning ordered, that day afternoon delivery; order, the very next day delivery ( limited to Shanghai, Changzhou, Suzhou, Wuxi, Zhenjiang. ). Large products within a week to complete distribution (limited to Shanghai, Changzhou, Suzhou, Wuxi, Zhenjiang area).Where the instrument shop order futures products, we will in accordance with the agreement, on time delivery, such as the US for breach of contract, to every night and day payment 1% make up your loss.Our service philosophy is to the end of the market price, the most comprehensive technical support, the most perfect after sale service to recommend the best products. We always think that, the customer first network equipment is our pleasure, once again to JK17 network equipment is our encouragement and spur. No matter the size of orders, regardless of product amount how many, the customer clicks and telephone is our God, we will treat every order strain every nerve and query.
    1、The company for the sales of instrumentation warranty, the warranty period of 12 months to 36 months (due to instrumentation varies)。
    2、The company for the sales of instrumentation in 1 months due to quality problems ( not including human factors) caused by fault, responsible for the returned。
    3、Users to buy instruments with warranty certificate and instrument factory certificate.
二、Metrological assurance
    1、The company has domestic sales of instruments and meters, are equipped with MC measurement of production approval mark。
    2、Imports of equipment, instruments must be in the National Metrology Department measurement qualified in the sale of the company。
    3、The company has the user requirements relevant measures and regulations knowledge query obligations。 
三、Price guarantee
    1、The instrumentation company quoted price is the price including tax.
    2、Consignment agent, freight from the company.
四、Supervision and guarantee
    The company to the above guarantee by industry and commerce, taxation, price sector metering, monitoring the implementation of. 
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